Unique Flower Capes from Idefulde Noter

The flower cape is designed to make your bouquet stand out from the crowd. How, you ask? It offers a space for you to attach a greeting or business card so the receiver will know where the flowers came from. It is ideal for receptions!

Give your customers a beautiful experience – they deserve it, and the bouquet deserves it.

If you are like me, you are passionate about everything you do, and you want to give your customers a beautiful and perfect experience from start to finish.

It is easy to go into a florist shop and buy a bouquet. The challenge lies in buying the right bouquet with the right colors, flowers, scents and the right wrapping – for the right price.

Creating the perfect floral experience is an art in itself. First you must define the recipient:

  • What will please him or her
  • What flowers should be included in the bouquet
  • What would be the perfect color combination, etc.

In fact, there’s a lot of factors at play, before you and the customer reach the perfect result. But part of the perfect experience is also giving the customer an easy and practical way to transport the bouquet from the store to the recipient while ensuring the bouquet remains fresh and beautiful.

5 good reasons to use the Flower Cape

The most common challenge when buying a bouquet is bringing it safely home. And because you buy the bouquet for someone you care about, it is not just a question of the bouquet itself – it is a question of the experience as a whole.

Maybe you have tried receiving or giving a bouquet with a few missing leaves or where one of the flower heads had been damaged.

By using the Flower Cape, you avoid this. It appears in all its beauty and makes sure all the flowers are intact. When you see its fullness and vibrant colors your joy and happiness will increase and so will the joy and happiness of the recipient of the bouquet.

  • You give your customers the most beautiful experience
  • You can transport the flowers easily and securely straight to the recipient’s door
  • You make it easy for the customer to pass on the bouquet in perfect conditions
  • You reduce the space needed for plastic buckets for storage
  • You take care of the environment

Get rid of your plastic buckets

Besides contributing to a beautiful delivery of the bouquet, the Flower Cape also serves a practical role.

It is made of durable materials assuring the bouquet can stand upright in the car, on the bus, the train or even in the handlebar basket on the bicycle.

That means you no longer have to worry whether your delivery will survive the journey, and you no longer have to have a huge stock of plastic buckets for the customers to borrow or take home.

And you give your customers the opportunity to hand over the bouquet in the same, beautiful condition they received it in.

Easy, convenient and eco-friendly

Transporting the flowers should be easy for your customers, whether they are going to a reception, birthday, wedding, the cemetery or somewhere else entirely.

Additionally, you are not only good to your loved ones when you use Flower Cape, you also care about the environment.

The Flower Cape is made from degradable materials, and you can throw it on the compost heap or let it break down automatically, when the flowers wilt.

Practical information about the Flower Cape

The Flower Cape works by being folded around the stems of the flowers and then closed using double adhesive tape. In just a few seconds, the bouquet will stand straight and beautiful without risk of toppling over.

    • The Flower Cape can be used for both small and large bouquets.
    • The Flower Cape is printed on either 260 gram Chromocard with waterborne varnish or 300 gram Cyclus recycled paper. Color printing is possible on either both sides
    • Minimum order quantity: 500 pc.

Delivery time is 6 days regardless of printing method, or 2-3 working days with express printing.

Try Flower Cape before you buy

Before you decide to order a whole consignment you can try Flower Cape so you know, what you are buying.

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