Unique Candleholder from Idefulde Noter

Spread warmth and joy during the holidays with this classy candleholder

The elegant candleholder with 5 arms is called “All Occasions” and spreads happiness, harmony and “hygge” wherever it is placed.

The name ”All Occasions” comes from my vision of a candleholder where only the imagination limits when and where it may be used.

These candleholders may be used all year around by changing the stars to suit your needs! The idea behind the candleholder is that it should be both elegant and multi-purpose.
For this reason it comes with replaceable plates for square candles, so you can adjust its appearance depending on time of year, occasion and mood.

It has also been designed with a timeless quality to make sure it fits in almost every home and for every occasion as you can redesign it and add additional decorative elements according to your taste.

Use it as Advent wreath and Advent candle at the same time

Do you only want one decoration for Christmas?

Maybe you live in a small home with limited space, or maybe you just don’t want the hassle of going overboard in clay and spruce branches.

”All Occasions” – The candleholder with five arms allow you to make a single beautiful Christmas decoration that doesn’t cause a mess and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home.

If you want a combination of both hearts and stars, you can change around the plates as desired.
You can also add a personal touch by adding your favorite ornaments or your favorite flower on the central plate. It helps create an idyllic atmosphere and bring warmth to the room, and it is beautiful to behold.

Comes gilded in chrome

The candleholder is made of steel and is chrome-plated but if you want it gilded in another way, you are welcome to contact me to arrange further.

The purchase price of the candleholder depends on the quantity purchased. The Candleholder is unique and can’t be bought in stores.

*Sale in stores: A candleholder comes with 5 small stars (suitable for tea light candles)

The plates

Plates will be produced in the form of octagons or circles, and these can be used with the candleholder as desired.
Other shapes will be available as additional purchases. The package will be comprised of 5 plates where the large suitable for large square candles and the small suitable for tea light candles. We will regularly release additional accessories.

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