Have been down with illness last month, along with probably most of DK.
I can be a little sick and still go to work, but this time I was definitely hit by the man flu! Failed EVERYTHING possible except throwing up – thanks for that!
I actually see myself as a woman with both a strong psyche and physique, so when I get sick I think a lot about what is the reason why my body is not in balance.
Often I know the answer well and can take my reservations and other times I guess I just have to accept that I am also a human being who can be affected just like everyone else.

Although my body has been more than tired, it has made a huge difference to my mind to get some air every day, especially on the days when I had a fever.
To feel the air and to have the body cool down a little and the wind on the face was almost healing for the mind. Been wrapped up enough not to freeze and only been out for a short time but for me it has helped to make me feel better.
It has only been possible to go because I have had a cough, a sore throat and a runny nose, but I am of the belief that it does something good for our psyche to get fresh air and light.

Exercise has many benefits for the psyche, here are some of them:

• Reduces stress – Exercise releases endorphins, which can reduce stress levels and improve your mood.
• Increases self-confidence – Achieving exercise goals can boost your confidence and self-esteem.
• Improves sleep – Regular exercise can contribute to better sleep quality and reduce sleep problems.
• Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety – Research has shown that exercise can have a positive effect on the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
• Increases mental well-being – Physical activity can give you a sense of well-being and joy as it releases neurotransmitters that affect your mental state.
• Improves cognitive functions – Exercise can improve cognitive functions such as memory and concentration.

Overall, exercise can contribute to a healthier and more positive mental state, which is why it’s a good idea to exercise for your psyche.

Exercise plays a central role in promoting well-being in several ways:

• Physical well-being – Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, strengthen muscles and bones, and improve cardiovascular health. This contributes to a stronger body and increased energy.
• Mental well-being – Physical activity releases endorphins, which are natural mood-enhancing substances. This can reduce stress, anxiety and depression as well as improve your mental well-being.
• Sleep quality – Exercise can contribute to better sleep by helping to regulate the sleep cycle and reduce sleep problems.
• Self-esteem – Achieving exercise goals and improving one’s physical condition can increase self-esteem and confidence.
• Social well-being – Participating in group activities or sports can lead to social connections and increase feelings of belonging.
• Cognitive function – Exercise can improve cognitive skills such as concentration and memory.

Exercise is not only good for the body, but it also has a profoundly positive effect on your mental and emotional well-being. It´s an important part of a healthy lifestyle that promotes well-being in many ways.

I am of the belief that living healthy is finding a balance where we can do a bit of everything – in moderation – both in terms of food and exercise.
Our mindset has EVERYTHING to say about how we choose to treat ourselves both physically and mentally

Accepted that my body needed rest and there was no point in pushing it unless I wanted to wait even longer for it to recover and my patience did not want that at all.
My mindset was trained instead and I have had a few months where I have looked inward and worked with my psyche. Cleaned up again in patterns that I had taken with me through life and did not want to keep repeating.
Feeling good about yourself is not just well-being via good physical shape, but also being able to move some of the feelings that can be a limitation to feeling good about yourself no matter what.

EVERYTHING is emotions and if I had been in my body 5 years ago where I am today, I would have felt disgust and disappointment with myself that I have not maintained my body. Had probably comfort ate or starved myself depending on how strong my mindset was.
Fortunately, for me, my view of myself has changed.
It has been several years since I have been in the body size I am today. Know with myself that I can change it but also that it is important to love the dear body no matter what size it is.

Some people will say that it is silly to feel this way and that I am fine the way I am.
There is nothing wrong with me feeling the way I do and knowing well that I should be grateful for not being overweight, which I am, but now we should not compare ourselves to each other.
I am now quite sure that everyone has experienced that others just see you differently than you do yourself – in the end, it is ourselves who have to live in our own body, so how we feel about our own body must weigh the most. I am well aware of what emotions are at stake and I will come to terms with them.

Will always say that we should love ourselves as we are and it doesn’t matter what we look like, but I will never support someone in becoming overweight,
There may be something about us being influenced by the media in terms of what beauty is but having a thin body does not make you happier – it’s your mindset that influences what you associate with happiness, healthy and wrong – not your body size!

Your body size can have an impact on your health and cause physical limitations if you are overweight, but again your body size has nothing to do with what kind of person you are.
It is often due to psychological reasons that some are very thin or overweight.
In order to move the psyche, you have to work with the feelings that are the reason you ended up there.

I’m at what they call a normal weight. Despite that, I have just revealed that I can have a hard time being there. I have experience with losing weight and have done it so many times and in so many ways that my body has not always been able to keep up, which can be seen in the stretch marks and loose skin today.
Have lived like a yo-yo and only changed my habits into a lifestyle a few years ago.

I have had an unhealthy relationship with exercise and food, which I have written a little about in previous posts.

Knowing that there is a difference between sticking to the good habits of daily activity via persistence and discipline CANNOT be compared to the unhealthy approach of having to do ex amount of exercise every day to be able to eat this and that.
I think about what I eat, by how active I am, but I do not count calories or forbid myself from eating certain things.

Can occasionally jump on the 21st day challenge where I stay away from alcohol, soft drinks, sweets and fast food. Do it just as much to detox my body and find my way back to other habits if I have gotten used to the chocolate with the coffee or the ice cream at the weekend.
Can keep the same weight and perform the same if I eat, for example, many snacks, but can also see and feel a difference on and in my body if I do not.
It all depends on what you want with your body.

I still experience resistance from others during the periods when I choose to say no to the cake because the others are eating it. I don’t say no because I’m afraid of getting fat.
I only say no thanks the times I do, because I know that cake does not do anything good for my body and then there are other things that are more worth getting fat from.
Not everyone understands that I rarely drink alcohol and soft drinks either. Can enjoy it once in a while but have my reasons for not drinking it like those who enjoy it with food every day.

Although most of us know what is good and not good for ourselves, there are many who choose to let it be by, for example, eating the chocolate while saying that they are tired of looking the way they do.
I am well aware that when I am tired of where I am, it requires new actions.
Will have to do something different from what I usually do as it is the result of where I have ended up or can get even worse if I keep doing what is responsible for me ending up where I am.

My experience is that my physique stands still or opposes my training when I´m working with my mindset and emotions. I am also well aware that it´s a part of the process that my physique has changed.

My conviction is that we as humans find it easier to achieve our goals in life, the better we know ourselves both physically and psychologically and that starts in the ego – what we ourselves think is possible.

If we don’t believe in ourselves – whatever we throw ourselves into, we don’t get very far, but are we curious to move our own limitations and comfort zone – believe in ourselves – and work with our emotions, especially those that psychologists call shadow sides, then we will experience that the feelings that can feels more balanced and indifferent.
When you find peace in the fact that, we are not masters of other people than ourselves in terms of thoughts, actions and feelings, then achieve you an inner calm, which is probably also the way to get into balance with your body and mind.

It will never be possible to get someone to understand what you want to help with if they are not ready to get help and just because I have experienced things that I would like to spare others from, there are still things in life that they themselves need to experience on their body to understand.

I am aware that I am exactly where I need to be right now.
An incredible amount is happening within this time, which has changed my view on a great many things – both on myself and on the understanding of why we are the way we are as people.
I have always been open and humble in terms of listening to other people’s opinions and attitudes, and if they are not convincing, I stick to my own. We do not have to agree and I am allowed to have my own opinions and views. That does not make any of us wrong or unfriendly.
We are who we are, based on what we carry in our luggage.

I find psychology incredibly exciting and when I look at the people who inspire me in terms of exercise and physics, I can see that my passion is not as strong as theirs is.
I know I could achieve much more physically if I was passionate about it but I´m not.
Wish I had something I was passionate about and for that reason wanted to strive for but I have not had that for a long time. I can set myself goals and work towards them, but it has been a long time since my heart has burned for something specific. For that reason, I can feel I have to try something new and hope you will welcome it. A more vulnerable side of me will see the light of day before long.

/ Elenna

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