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Holiday! A lot of people think TOTAL RELAXATION, which means a break from ALL physical activity and lots of fun, which often includes food, ice cream and alcohol, when they get a holiday.

Therefore, it is also not abnormal that many people put on extra kilos during the summer and may feel that they have to start all over again with the exercise, when it becomes everyday again.

On that point, we Danes are some real life enjoyers!❤

We do the same for Christmas. In addition to being unhealthy for our body and less physical activity, because we would rather be under the rug, in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa or wine and a good book or movie.

When it’s January, SO we’re going to start again and bone twice as much to get the fitness back as before or to lose the extra kilos, but why not find a balance where we can do a little of everything – both eat a little more of the delicious, relax and be physically active? 😃

Why not both relax and be physically active when we are on holiday? Exercise is not a “punishment” but rather something that helps you both feel good about being in your body and also be able to relax and unwind without having to put on more kilos after your holiday.

Your body is very tired when you go on holiday, so it is worth considering what you can do so that your everyday life is not so stressed or overbooked, as you would very much like to be able to function in your everyday life and not just end up sleeping most of your holiday gone – when you finally get a holiday.

The holiday would like to give us more and new energy, which some get from more time with family and friends or from lying by the pool with a good book.
Personally, as previously mentioned, I get it from being physically active, but can also get it from being in my very own company.

Love to be social with the people I care about, but can also be drained by being social for a long time.

Can be influenced by other people’s energies, so think about who I surround myself with in private as I talk to many people through my work every single day.
There are very few people who are high on energy or contain lots of love all the time, so no I’m not with many people for several days, because of that.

Have learned to love my own company just as much, if not sometimes more than others. It must not be misunderstood. I have just found a nice balance in that when I have had enough of you socially, I withdraw a little.

Many years ago, my summer holidays were always planned.
Houses would be arranged, we would see those we neglected in everyday life and we would go out and see a lot. Was just as tired, if not more tired than when I went on vacation after such summers.

There was no time of my own, so I often practiced with myself inside and knew that it required double “work” to get back to the body I was comfortable with before the holiday.
No, vacation was more work and tiring than relaxation for me back then.

I’ve learned over time that it doesn’t have to be so intense.

The difference from weekends and holidays is the number of days, where we can sleep longer and don’t need to be a slave to time and everyday obligations such as work, homework and goals, but otherwise it’s about finding a balance in everyday life, so the holiday isn’t something we need to count down to be able to enjoy.


Exercise! There are many benefits to being physically active during your vacation.
Your ice cream, the food you enjoy from the grill and the alcohol don’t settle in the same way when you also do something to burn off what you eat.

80% is your diet, so it has something to do with WHAT you eat (calories), but definitely also HOW MUCH you eat in relation to how much you move your body.
There is no point in eating fat poor if you eat twice as much, believing that it is more ok as long as there is less fat in it than otherwise.

For sustained weight loss, it’s about consuming the calories from food and drink that our body burns.
If you are physically active during the summer, you don’t have to start all over again when it ends and best of all, there is nothing that beats the wildly delicious feeling of well-being for both mind and body you get by keeping yourself moving.

We are ordinary people and there is no right or wrong way to take your vacation, be physically active or live your life, but with awareness it is easier to “put on the driver’s hat than to let the hat fly away like the wind blows.”

My advice for holidays and exercise is to find a way where it is not necessary to start over with the healthier habits and exercise every time there is a holiday.

It’s ok to be a little less healthy during the holidays, but it’s also during the weekdays. It’s when it becomes EVERY SINGLE DAY that it can become a challenge for the body, if you want more energy, better fitness and no weight gain.

As mentioned, the diet has a lot to say.

In my opinion, it’s ok to eat a little of everything – everything died in moderation as we say.
It has a lot to say, what you expect from your body, both in terms of endurance when you want to exercise, but also if you have a goal of how your body should look, what your diet should ideally contain in order to get the most out of it. (More on the diet in another post)

The things that make you enjoy your holiday, you would also like to enjoy on all the other days!❤️

/ Elena

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